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ARJE-0034 Surface Mount Rj45 Connector 10/100Base-T Female PCb Jack

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Good quality Flexible PCB Board
Good quality Flexible PCB Board
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Rigid PCB Board

  • High Precision Rigid PCB Board suppliers
  • High Precision Rigid PCB Board suppliers




Rigid flex printed circuit boards are boards using a combination of flexible and rigid board technologies in an application. Most rigid flex boards consist of multiple layers of flexible circuit substrates attached to one or more rigid boards externally and/or internally, depending upon the design of the application. The flexible substrates are designed to be in a constant state of flex and are usually formed into the flexed curve during manufacturing or installation.

Rigid flex designs are more challenging than the design of a typical rigid board environment, as these boards are designed in a 3D space, which also offers greater spatial efficiency. By being able to design in three dimensions rigid flex designers can twist, fold and roll the flexible board substrates to achieve their desired shape for the final application's package.


Material Types

FR-4, CEM-1,CEM-3, IMS, High TG,High Frequency, Halogen Free,Aluminum base, metal core base



Surface Treatment

HASL(LF), Flash gold, ENIG,OSP(Lead free compatible), Carbon ink,
Peelable S/M, Immersion Ag/Tin, Gold finger plating, ENIG+ Gold finger


Production Process


Whether producing a rigid flex prototype or production quantities requiring large scale rigid flex PCB fabrication and PCB assembly, the technology is well proven and reliable. The flex PCB portion is particularly good in overcoming space and weight issues with spatial degrees of freedom.

Careful consideration of flex-rigid solutions and a proper assessment of the available options at the early stages in the rigid flex PCB design phase will return significant benefits. It is critical the rigid flex PCB fabricator is involved early in the design process to ensure the design and fab portions are both in coordination and to account for final product variations.

The rigid flex manufacturing phase is also more complex and time consuming than rigid board fabrication. All the flexible components of the rigid flex assembly have completely different handling, etching and soldering processes than rigid FR4 boards.



LED, telecommunication, computer application, lighting, game machine, industrial control, power, automobile and high-end consumer electronics, ect.a

ARJE-0034 Surface Mount Rj45 Connector 10/100Base-T Female PCb Jack

ARJE-0034 Surface Mount Rj45 Connector 10/100Base-T Female PCb Jack
ARJE-0034 Surface Mount Rj45 Connector 10/100Base-T Female PCb Jack ARJE-0034 Surface Mount Rj45 Connector 10/100Base-T Female PCb Jack ARJE-0034 Surface Mount Rj45 Connector 10/100Base-T Female PCb Jack ARJE-0034 Surface Mount Rj45 Connector 10/100Base-T Female PCb Jack ARJE-0034 Surface Mount Rj45 Connector 10/100Base-T Female PCb Jack

Large Image :  ARJE-0034 Surface Mount Rj45 Connector 10/100Base-T Female PCb Jack

Product Details:

Place of Origin: GuangDong, China
Brand Name: LINK-PP
Certification: ISO9001,SGS,UL,CE,REACH
Model Number: ARJE-0034

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 660
Price: $0.9-1.5
Packaging Details: 110/Reel . 660/CTN
Delivery Time: Stock
Payment Terms: TT,NET30/60/90 Days
Supply Ability: 3000000/Month
Detailed Product Description
OEM For: ARJE-0034 Original MPN: LPJ3011ABNL
Connector Type: RJ45 Applications: 10/100 Base-T
Mounting Type: Surface Mount Orientation: 90~ Angle (Right)
Termination: Solder Shielding: Shielded, EMI Finger
High Light:

rj45 smt connector


modular rj45 connectors

ARJE-0034 Surface Mount Rj45 Connector 10/100Base-T Female PCb Jack


LPJ3011ABNL Surface Mount Rj45 Connector SMD Magnetic Connector SMT Rj45 Jack



Designing Model: 【ARJE-0034】 Mass Production Model:【LPJ3011ABNL】

Surface Mount Rj45 Connector 10/100BaseT

♦ Designed for network interface card application.
♦ Designed to meet IEEE802.3u requirement.
♦ Available in all turn ratios used by LAN ICmanufactures.
♦ Primary center taps available for additional EMIreduction.
♦ Simplest magnetic component to place androute on PCB.
♦ Conserves minimizing PCB space.



LED optional ; EMI-finger Optional.


JX30-0005NL Surface Mount Rj45 Connector 10/100Base-T Female PCb Jack

1. Product Type Features:                                                  

  1) Product Type = Connector  
  2) Jack Type = RJ45 
  3) Profile = Standard 
  4) PCB Mounting Orientation = Side Entry (Right Angle)/Top Entry(Vertical)

2. Mechanical Attachment: 
  1) Jack Configuration = 1 x 1

3. Electrical Characteristics: 
  1) Shielded = Yes

4. Termination Related Features:
  1) EMI Finger - Bottom = Without
  2) Termination Method = Solder

5. Body Related Features:
  1) Port Configuration = Single/Multi
  2) EMI Fingers -Top and Sides = With/ Without
  3) Latch Orientation = Standard - Latch Down
  4) PCB Tail Length

6. Contact Related Features:
  1) Preloaded = Yes
  2) Contact Termination Type = Through Hole/Surface Mount

7. Housing Related Features:
  1) Connector Style = Jack

8. Industry Standards:
  1) RoHS/ELV Compliance = RoHS compliant, ELV compliant 
  2) Lead Free Solder Processes = Wave solder capable to 240°C,

      Wave solder capable to 260°C, Wave solder capable to 265°C

      Reflow-Soldering Optional;
  3) RoHS/ELV Compliance History = Always was RoHS compliant

9. Identification Marking:
  1) Left LED Color (Position #1) = Green - 250 ohm resistor
  2) Right LED Color (Position #2) = Green - 250 ohm resistor

10. Conditions for Usage:
  1) Applies To = Printed Circuit Board
  2) Environmental Conditions = Office / Premises
  3) Operating Temperature (°C ) = 0 - 70/-40 - +85


     1500Vrms MIN


Applications For Terminal User

Designed to support applications, such as ADSL modems, LAN-on-Motherboard. Networking and communication equipments such as HUB, PC card, Switch, Router, PC Mainboard, SDH, PDH, IP Phone, xDSL modem,Call Center solutions , Complex set top boxes , VOIP gateways setup,Border Gateway Protocol,fast ethernet switch ...



Competitive Advantage

ARJE-0034 > LPJ3011ABNL

18 years production experience,

2600 staff,

100% test

Flexible delivery time


Main Customer


Design for Ti , Intel , Samsung ,  Fluke , Jabil  , Flextronics ,Cypress, Freescale,EKF.......


EMS Application


Built-in Flexible PCB Assembly; Rigid-Flexible PCB Assembly; Microelectronic, Flip Chip; Microelectronic, Chip On Board; Optoelectronic Assembly; RF / Wireless Assembly; Through Hole Assembly; Surface Mount Assembly; System Assembly; Printed Circuit Board Assembly



Other Replaceable List


JX30-0005NL XRJH-21C-1-D1D-170 PTC1111-09G RJMG-6312-81-04
SI-50153-F JFM24111-2101-4F QR-J0603NGY RJMG-6315-71-01
RJSL-004TC1 0921-0811-85039 MJR11V2GYA0-G11U RJMG63218101
PTC1111-54L1VG PTC1111-01LG 13F-61JGYDPH2NL RJMG-6321-81-01
JFM24310-0122-4F RJSL-004TC1 PTC1111-54L1VG RJMG63445601
JX30-0005NL JX30-0005NL PTC1111-54L1VG RJMG-7300-31-01
PTC1111-51PG XRJH-01D-A-D9B-470 RJTX-18FX-XNRX-06 JFM24111-2101-4F
PTC1111-01SG XRJH-21C-1-D1D-170 RJMG63117102 JFM24310-0122-4F
RJMG221129910NR RJMG-6300-31-01 QR-J0603NGY MJR11V2GYA0-G11U
RJMG231022610ER RJMG-6300-31-04 RJMG631186A1 RJMG73128601
RJMG231022830ER RJMG-6300-31-08 RJSL-004TC1 RJMG-7326-71-01
RJMG231022830ER XRJH-211-D1D-170 RJMG231116230EL RJMG-B312-71-01
RJMG2310228A0ER RJTX-18FX-XNRX-06 RJMG-6312-81-01 RJMG163448101NR
RJMG1010200A0NR RJMG16321B101NR RJMG163123101NR RJMG163623101NR
RJMG1010211A0NR RJMG1-6321-B1-01NR RJMG163127101NR RJMG16412B101ER
RJMG12163226600R RJMG163267101NR RJMG163128101NR RJMG168007101GR
P72-PG9-11K9 RJMG163268101NR RJMG163213101NR RJMG168008101GR
RJMG163003101NR RJMG163427101NR RJMG163217101NR RJMG168009101GR
RJMG163007101NR RJMG163447101NR RJMG163218101NR RJMG168117101GR
RJMG163008101NR RJMG168129101GR RJMG168217101GR RJMG168118101GR
RJMG163009101NR RJMG163118101NR RJMG168218101GR RJMG168119101GR
RJMG163117101NR RJMG168267101GR RJMG168219101GR RJSL-004TC1

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