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FR-4 Multilayer pcb board blue solder mask 1 oz multilayer printed circuit board

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Good quality Flexible PCB Board
Good quality Flexible PCB Board
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The board quality is very good! We have been WonDa’s customer for more than 4 years. Your good service and quality is too good.

—— Jay

Cooperation is very satisfactory and the Company of the past few years, we are very willing to continue long-term cooperation.

—— Rob

The board quality is very good! I’m surprised with the low cost and quick delivery. It is totally out of my expectation. I will definitely come back.

—— Victoria, Australia

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Multilayer PCB Board

  • High Precision Multilayer PCB Board suppliers
  • High Precision Multilayer PCB Board suppliers
  • High Precision Multilayer PCB Board suppliers
  • High Precision Multilayer PCB Board suppliers
  • High Precision Multilayer PCB Board suppliers
  • High Precision Multilayer PCB Board suppliers



Multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs) represented the next major evolution in fabrication technology. From the base platform of double sided plated thru came a very sophisticated and complex methodology that would again allow circuit board designers a dynamic range of interconnects and applications.

Multilayer circuit boards were essential in the advancement of modern computing. The multilayer PCB basic construction and fabrication are similar to micro chip fabrication on a macro size. The range of material combinations is extensive from basic epoxy glass to exotic ceramic fills. Multilayer can be built on ceramic, copper, and aluminum. Blind and buried vias are commonly produced, along with pad on via technology.



Production Process


1. Chemical Clean


In order to obtain good quality etched pattern, it is necessary to ensure a strong bond of the resist layer and the substrate surface, a substrate or a surface oxide layer, oil, dust, fingerprints and other dirt. Therefore, before the resist layer is first applied to the surface of the board and the copper foil surface cleaning roughened layer reaches a certain degree.
Inner plate: started four panels, the inner (second and third layers) is a must do first. The inner sheet is made of glass fiber and epoxy resin-based composite upper and lower surfaces of the copper sheet.




2. Cut Sheet Dry Film Lamination


Coating a photoresist: we need to make the shape of the inner plate, we first affixed dry film (resist, photoresist) over the inner layer sheet. The dry film is a polyester thin film, a photoresist film and a polyethylene protective film composed of three parts. When the foil, the dry film starting with a polyethylene protective film is peeled off, and then under the conditions of heat and pressure in the dry film is pasted on copper.


3. Image Expose & Image Develop


Exposure: In the UV irradiation, photoinitiators absorb light decompose into radicals, radical photopolymerization initiator and then polymerizing the monomer to generate a crosslinking reaction, forming insoluble in dilute alkali solution after the reaction of the polymer structure. Polymerization to continue for some time, in order to ensure the stability of the process, not to tear immediately after exposure polyester film should stay more than 15 minutes to the polymerization reaction to proceed, before developing torn polyester film.
Developer: the reaction active groups solution unexposed portions of the photosensitive film with a dilute alkali-soluble matter dissolved production down, leaving the already hardened by crosslinking the photosensitive pattern portion



4. Copper Etch


In flexible printed boards or printed board manufacturing process, the chemical reaction to the copper foil portion not to be removed, so as to form a desired circuit pattern of copper beneath the photoresist is not etched retained impact.



5. Strip Resist & Post Etch Punch & AOI Inspection & Oxide


The purpose of the film is to etch the board retained after clearing the resist layer so that the following copper exposed. "Film slag" filter and recycle waste shall be disposed of properly. If you go after the film can be washed completely clean, you might consider not pickling. Finally, the board is completely dry after washing, avoid residual moisture.



6. Layup with prepreg


Before entering pressure machine, the need to use all of multilayer materials ready to pack (Lay-up) In addition to the inner handle the job has been oxidized, but still need a protective film film (Prepreg) -. Epoxy resin impregnated glass fibers. Role of laminations is a certain order to the board covered with a protective film since the stacked and placed between the floor plate.



7. Layup with copper foil & Vacuum Lamination Press


Foil - to present the inner sheet and then covered with a layer of copper foil on both sides, and then the multilayer pressurization (within a fixed period of time necessary to measure the temperature and pressure extrusion) was cooled to room temperature after completion of the remaining is a multi-layer sheet of together.



8. CNC Drill


Under the conditions of the inner precision, CNC drilling drilling depending on the mode. Drilling high precision, to ensure that the hole is in the correct position.



9. Electroless Copper


In order to make the through-hole between the layers can be turned on (the resin and glass fiber bundle of a non-conductive portion of the wall of the hole metallization), the holes must be filled in the copper. The first step is a thin layer of copper plating in the hole, this process is completely chemical reaction. Final plated copper thickness of 50 inches millionth.



10. Cut Sheet & Dry Film Lamination



Photoresist coating: We have one in the outer coating of the photoresist.



11. Mage Expose & Image Develop


Outer exposure and development



12. Copper Pattern Electro Plating


This has become a secondary copper, the main purpose is to thicken the line of copper and copper vias thick.



13. Tin Pattern Electro Plating


Its main purpose is an etching resist, protect it covers the copper conductors will not be attacked (internal protection of all copper lines and vias) in alkaline corrosion of copper.



14. Strip Resist


We already know the purpose, just use the chemical method, the surface of the copper is exposed.



15. Copper Etch


We know that the purpose of protecting the tin partially etched foil below.



16. LPI coating side 1 & Tack Dry & LPI coating side 2 & Tack Dry & Image Expose & Image Develop & Thermal Cure Solder mask


Solder mask is exposed to the pads used, it is often said that the green oil, oil is actually digging holes in the green, the green oil does not need to cover the pads and other exposed areas. Proper cleaning can get a suitable surface features.



17. Surface finish


HASL solder coating HAL (commonly known as HAL) process is first dipped on the PCB flux, then dipping in molten solder, and then from between two air knives by compressed air with a knife in the heat air to blow off excess solder on printed circuit board, at the same time eliminate excess solder metal hole, resulting in a bright, smooth, uniform solder coating.
Gold Finger, purpose-designed Edge Connector, plug the connector as board liaison foreign exports, and therefore need to cheat the process. Chose gold because of its superior conductivity and oxidation resistance. However, because the cost of gold applies only to cheat so high, local gold plated or chemically.


FR-4 Multilayer pcb board blue solder mask 1 oz multilayer printed circuit board

FR-4 Multilayer pcb board blue solder mask 1 oz multilayer printed circuit board
FR-4 Multilayer pcb board blue solder mask 1 oz multilayer printed circuit board

Large Image :  FR-4 Multilayer pcb board blue solder mask 1 oz multilayer printed circuit board

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Brand Name: WonDa
Certification: CE, ROHS, UL
Base Material: FR-4
Copper Thickness: 1/1/1/1 oz finished
Board Thickness: 1.6mm+/-10%
Min. Hole Size: 0.25mm
Min. Line Width: 8mil
Min. Line Spacing: 6mil
Surface Finishing: Immersion gold 3u
Solder Mask: Blue
Silkscreen: White
Multilayer Pcb Board: blue solder mask,pcb circuit suppliers
Detailed Product Description
High Light:

multilayer circuit boards


multilayered pcb

FR-4 Multilayer pcb board blue solder mask 1 oz multilayer printed circuit board



Multilayer pcb board,blue solder mask,pcb circuit suppliers
1)Electric test 100%
2)Good quality&price
3)No MOV


Welcome to PCB Technologies Manufacturer !

  • WonDa is a Leading of PCB manufacturer in China, We’re a professional pcb supplier.
  • I think maybe : You got a lot of similar PCB manufacturer everyday.and it’s very hard to know which one is the best,right ?
  • Choose Multech .I’m sure you are right and will not be disappointed.
  • We will be responsible for the quality of our products.
  • Survive by quality, Win by Price.


Our WonDa advantage


      1. Excellent quality and competitive price ; 

      2. High Technology Capability: Min: 3mil/3mil trace/space, Min drill: 4mil .up to 30 layers. 
      3. Fast and timely delivery.

      4. Related Quality certification: UL E320829 / ISO9001 / TS16949 


Our products are used to :


    Telecommunication equipment,Electric equipment,Industrial control,Digital,

    Transportation,Medical instruments,and Led/wireless products field etc.


  We Multech offering Rigid, Flex and Flex-Rigid PCB to our customers all over the world ! 


Multech Rigid Capability
Laminates type FR-4,CEM-1,CEM-3,BT Resin, Teflon,PTFE,Halogen Free
Rogers,Aluminium, Tg130°C(150°C,170 °C,180 °C 210°C), Berquist, Thermagon,Alon.Polyclad
Board thickness Min: 2-Layer: 0.2 mm -6.0 mm     4-Layer: 0.40mm -8.0mm
       6-Layer: 0.8 mm -8.0 mm     8-Layer: 1.0 mm -8.0mm
     10-Layer: 1.2 mm -8.0 mm   12-Layer: 1.5 mm -8.0mm
Max: 8mm (0.3150")
Base copper thickness Mass production:
Min: 12um (1/3oz)
Max: 140um (4oz) for inner layer; 350um(10oz)for outer layer
Max: 210um (6oz) for inner layer; 450um(13oz) for outer layer
Min finished hole size By mechanical drilling: 0.15mm (0.006")
By laser drilling: 0.05mm (0.002")
Aspect ratio 12:01
Max panel size Mass production, 540mm × 740m (21.25" × 29.13")
Sample: 700mm × 1100mm (27.56" × 43.3")
Min line width/space Mass production: 3mil/3mil
Inner layer: 0.0635mm/0.0635mm (0.0025"/0.0025")
Outer layer: 0.0585mm/0.0585mm (0.0023"/0.0023")
Via hole type Blind/Burried/Plugged
HDI/Microvia YES
Surface finish HASL / Lead Free HASL
Immersion Gold / Silver / Tin
Flash Gold. Hard Gold plating
Selective thick Gold Plating
Gold Finger (Gold thickness up to 3um)
Plating Silver (Silver through Hole,
Carbon ink, Peelable mark, OSP
Solder mask All kinds of colour
LPI, Dry Film
Min S/M pitch (LPI): 0.1mm
Impedance Control Single trace or differential controlled
50, 60, 70, 100, 110, 120, 130 ±5%
Min bonding pitch 0.181mm (center to center)
Min SMT pitch 0.400mm (center to center)
Min annular ring 0.025mm
Outline finish type CNC Routing; V-Scoring/Cut; Punch
Tolerances Min Hole registration tolerance (NPTH)     ± 0.025mm
Min Hole registration tolerance (PTH)       ± 0.075mm
Min Pattern registration tolerance           ± 0.05mm
Min S/M registration tolerance (LPI)         ± 0.075mm
Scoring Lines                                               ± 0.15mm
Board thickness (0.1 -1.0mm )                 ±15%
Board thickness (1.0 -6.35mm )               ±10%
Board Size Routed                                   ± 0.1mm
Board Size Scored                                     ± 0.2mm
Electrical Testing Voltage                                     10V - 250V
Continuity                                 10 - 1000 Ohms




Multech Production capacity is 15000 square meter monthly.


Layers ------------------Express lead time-----------Standard L/T of mass production

Double Sided:-------------------5 Calendar days ------------------10 Calendar days

4 Layers:---------------------------7 Calendar days ------------------12 Calendar days

6 Layers:---------------------------9 Calendar days  -----------------15 Calendar days

8 Layers: --------------------------12 Calendar days ----------------19 Calendar days

10 Layers: ------------------------15 Calendar days -----------------20 Calendar days

10 Layers above: -------------17above Calendar days --------21-25 Calendar days



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